5 Expert Tips to Mow Your Lawn The Right Way

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Everyone would love to have a beautiful lawn in front of their home. I mean, who wouldn’t like to catch a delightful sight first thing in the morning? But every beautiful yard or garden requires proper care and attention. Here, we will discuss the necessity of preserving and decorating your lawn.

Mowing your lawn regularly keeps the turf healthy and pest free. It helps in addressing many kinds of root problems and determines the condition of your garden. If you are not able to mow quite often, hiring gardening Services by PLG in Brentwood can be an ideal option.

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Do you want to mow your lawn all by yourself? Then you must follow some of the expert tips mentioned below.

  • Weekly Mowing: If you want to keep your garden neat and tidy, plan a weekly mowing schedule. It removes almost 30% of the grass, which is an ideal amount. The grass will grow faster in the monsoon, and you may have to mow twice a week to maintain the perfect look of the yard.
  • Follow the 3 Inches Rule: Chopping off the grass completely will only do damage to the garden soil. You must not cut the grass by more than 3 inches. Shorter grass faces difficulties to retain water which affects the lawn terribly.
  • Edging: If you’re a perfectionist, edging is right up your alley. Once you have edged every corner of your garden, maintaining it is your five-finger exercise.
  • Mowing in Alternate Direction: Same direction mowing is one of few mistakes made by many gardeners. It causes compaction of the soil. However, mowing in an alternate direction can be the perfect fit and also help in keeping the grass straight.
  • Sharpen your Blades: Precise lawn mowing requires right instruments with sharp blades. Regular grass cutting can dull the knives. Hence, make sure you sharpen them regularly.

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If you want to have a green and healthy lawn, you must take proper care of it. In case you don’t have the time to look after your garden or mow it regularly, Gardening Services by PLG in Brentwood has got you covered. PLG provides excellent landscaping services while also ensuring the satisfaction of the customers and offering premium services at reasonable costs.

Remember, “A healthy home is a happy home”.

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