8 Fantastic Landscaping Ideas for Small Yard

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There are many homeowners who think that to get a beautiful landscape, they need a large yard. This is not correct. Even a small backyard can be transformed into an alluring landscape when you know how to do it. You can take the help of landscaping and gardening experts in Horley to get beautiful, attractive and interesting landscape at your small backyard.

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Smart Landscaping Ideas for You

  1. Get a garden table and set of two chairs at the outdoor. This can be a small spot of your relaxation where you can sit, read a book, have a cup of coffee or enjoy some chitchat with your best friend. The outdoor table should be simple and elegant in look.
  2. Have a potting station in your backyard garden. Paint it with some jolly colours. Put small flower pots or have gardening accessories in that station. Next time when you will have the house party at the backyard, you can keep those items aside and use this station as the serving counter of drinks and foods.
  3. Keeping hanging plants is another great way to add more green to your backyard when you do not have enough space for big plants. Your landscaper will help you to plan where to hang those pots and what type of plants you should buy for this.
  4. Use the outside stairs and the balustrade to keep small flower plants. These areas should be considered as a part of the landscape when you have a small space issue.
  5. Instead of having light polls, you can consider having string lights. Have them over your outdoor dining table or patio to get enough lights in the evening.
  6. Have a small wooden couch in the backyard and use it as a storage facility too. Keep your gardening tools inside the same, and you can have a smart-looking place to sit and have fun.
  7. There are techniques to hang herbs along with your outdoor walls. It does not require any extra space. You can easily grow and have various essential herbs right outside your door.
  8. Even the fencing can be used to grow small plants. Ask your landscaper to use the fencing for placing garden container to grow plants like strawberry, oregano, and kale.


It is always required to have the support of the most talented and experienced landscaping experts to get the best idea for small yards. At Potterton Landscape Gardening, we use our expertise to transform your small backyard into an intriguing landscape.

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