The Top 5 Gardening Trends for 2020

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The last decade or so has seen gardening go from being an easy-on-pocket pastime to a full-blown, creative hobby. Companies offering garden services in Basildon can help you a great deal in setting up your green patch precisely in the way you want, whether you are renovating an existing garden or growing a new one.

Gardening Trends 2020

The best gardening trends of 2020

Here are the top gardening trends for the year:

  1. Bonsai houseplants

Bonsai trees are a very coveted version of beautiful, green houseplants. It is a Japanese form of gardening in which stems of initially more significant trees are grown in small pots and contained to its miniature size by regular trimming and cutting. However, they resemble its actual tree in look even in its tiny form. Bonsais are not only a great showcase of your gardening skills, but also an excellent addition to your home d├ęcor.

  1. Sustainable gardening

A green movement that started a while back has been gaining more and more traction among the garden-loving Brits. People understand the grave after-effects of increased carbon footprint, and in an effort of reducing them, are switching to sustainability in gardening. You can also contribute to it in your small ways, such as going for locally and responsibly sourced timber for your lawn, checking water wastage, practice recycling of garden waste and opting for organically composted manure.

  1. Growing vegetables

Old-school is the new style. Many passionate and hard-core gardeners have decidedly started to build their vegetable staples in their backyard. It is once again a sustainable and environment-friendly practice, and also assures your produce is fresh, hand-grown and free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. A vibrant combination of peppers, pumpkins, carrots and more would also make your garden look super exciting.

  1. Additional water features

Proximity to water is great for all kinds of life. It adds a rejuvenating touch to your garden. So if you have enough space outdoor, installing a water feature would be a great 2020-thing to do. A small fountain or a birdbath will be an ideal addition since it will beautify your space and also cater to wildlife.

  1. Keep it simple

Less is more in 2020. So your garden should follow suit. Having a simple, low maintenance garden will make it easier for you to keep up the passion, especially if you’re new to it. Some tips to get a subtle yet elegant garden are:

  • Choose low maintenance, quick blooming flower plants
  • Opt for artificial grass
  • Invest in multipurpose plans which offer something more than aesthetics, such as basil, mint and sage for mosquito and bug-repelling, lavender and honeysuckle for scent, et cetera.
  • Pave your lawns for more natural weed control

PLG is among the top providers of professional garden services in Basildon. From creative ideas to cost-effective solutions to maintenance of intricate flora, they do it all with care and expertise.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your brand new garden for 2020.

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